Has Pando Moto Made The Best Riding Jeans Ever?

Motorcycle-specific pants are evolving as technology advances, benefiting riders looking for pants that protect, fit, last, and look good off the bike. Lithuanian clothing manufacturer Pando Moto might not be on your radar, but it should. My wife Jean and I have been wearing Pando jeans exclusively for nearly a year and close to 25,000 miles.

Made in Europe of heavy-duty 13-ounce denim with Coolmax and Cordura fabric for wicking away moisture and allowing stretch on the bike, the men’s Karl Black and women’s Rosie Black jeans both have a Kevlar interlock knit lining and include SAS-TEC or Knox knee armor that’s easily removable from external pockets. Coolmax fibers are not round but are slightly oblong in cross-section with grooves running lengthwise along the threads. The series of closely spaced channels creates capillary action that wicks moisture through the core and out to a wider area on the surface of the fabric which increases evaporation. This is good on hot summer days on the bike for hours under the sun.

Fit: 8.5/10

Accordion stretch panels at the knees and at the back help contour the pants to several body shapes, but everyone’s body is different, so we both need to wear a belt to keep crack attack from scaring small children and animals. The legs are a tapered slim fit, so the pants don’t catch air and billow. We’ve both worn other standard Kevlar-woven denim riding jeans and found them to be either too rigid or binding at the knee. This was made worse by subpar knee protection that sat too low to protect and pinched when sitting. Pando pants can be worn daily on and off the bike and never feel too confining.

Jean wishes the pants came up a bit higher in the back and had knee pad adjustability. In hindsight she should have opted for the longer leg version.

Temperature range: 9/10

The Pando jeans accommodate long underwear for really cold rides, which is more important for Jean as my passenger than for me most of the time. We’ve shared epic days as low as 32 degrees riding to Sacramento in Central California in early December and as high as 115 riding from Flagstaff, Arizona, to Barstow, California, on our cross-country trip in early June.

Durability: 10/10

Pando has found the right balance of tech and sensibility with its Cordura jeans, which look almost brand new after 25,000 miles and several dozen washings (flipped inside out, in cold water, with liquid detergent, and air dried).

Protection: N/A

Neither of us has crashed or fallen, so thankfully we have nothing to report.

Price: 9/10

Based on the motorcycle riding jeans available, Pando Moto’s pricing—especially for European-made product—is at or below the competition. The Karl Black pant retails for $212, and the Rosie Black retails for $174. Shipping is free for orders above $240, or $30 below.


Has Pando Moto made the best riding jeans ever? At this point in our riding careers the answer is yes. Riding pants that fit well and hold up to miles of abuse in all kinds of weather are hard to find. Don’t worry about ordering sight unseen in the e-commerce age; we both chose sizes based on our most comfortable non-riding jeans and are pleased with the fit. pandomoto.com

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