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AGV SportModular Helmet Review | Motorcycle Cruiser
I’ve worn my share of helmets from most of the major manufacturers over the years, but somehow I never knew AGV was responsible for the very first 100-percent fiberglass hat back in the ’50s. On the 70th anniversary of that breakthrough, AGV is releasing the world’s only modular helmet built entirely of carbon fiber—the SportModular. […]
First Ride: 2018 Triumph Tiger 800 Review | Bikes | Reviews
Written by Dan DiMaio | Photos by Triumph Motorcycles/Kingdom Creative. Posted in Bikes Since its inception in 2010, the Tiger 800 has continually been changing the face of the middle-weight class. ADVMoto spent a few months on the 2011 gen-one models. There was a lot to like about the Tiger even in its first go-round. […]
I’m A Millennial And I Ride Motorcycles
Next time you visit your local motorcycle dealer, say the word “millennial” and see what response you get from the salesperson. Very likely, you’ll get a shake of the head, a confounded shrug, and a glazed-over, defeated look similar to a Cleveland Browns fan rooting for a winless team in week 14 (I say this […]
Touratech Adjustable Folding Africa Twin Mirrors Review | Gear | Reviews
16 Apr2018 Written by Scott Zelinsky. Posted in Gear If you’re serious about off-roading your Honda Africa Twin, you’ll want to consider replacing the stock mirrors with folding mirrors. Folding mirrors avoid breakage during impacts, can be easily adjusted when transitioning from the seated to standing position, and can be folded away when the trails […]
Rocky Creek Designs Announces HELMETLOK III | News
16 Apr2018 Posted in News HELMETLOK III is an ideal way to secure a helmet or other gear to any bike, making it less risky leaving your bike when its parked.The folks at Helmetlok have just upgraded the product to make it even better. The third generation HELMETLOK III is essentially the same device but […]