Rocky Creek Designs Announces HELMETLOK III | News

HELMETLOK III is an ideal way to secure a helmet or other gear to any bike, making it less risky leaving your bike when its parked.

The folks at Helmetlok have just upgraded the product to make it even better. The third generation HELMETLOK III is essentially the same device but the combination lock’s numbers have been DOUBLE engraved and painted so that they will never rub off.

An Aussie invention, the outward opening carabiner-style HELMETLOK III fits in your pocket, jacket or belt loop. It’s designed to lock your helmet or other gear to any bike. A four-digit combination lock allows you to have your own personal security. And, a TPE coating provides a non-scratch surface.

No matter where you ride, the HELMETLOK III is so lightweight, easy to use, and practical that you’ll make it a permanent addition of your kit. MSRP: $27.50

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